Sunday, 22 January 2012

Look Great, FEEL Even Better!

Hey all! Once again, apologies for my MIA with too many events going on with my life that I sort of abandoned my little blog for a while. 
I'm back now, being more inspired than ever, especially with this one guest blogger - Jackie Clark. Jackie does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer. Jackie approached me with a strong inspirational interest to guest blog on my fashion blog with the idea of combining fashion x fighting cancer. I just had to post the article, it's truly amazing, have a read and tell me what you think:

-  All women love looking and feeling their best. It's a fact that looking one's best and feeling one's best go hand in hand: looking your best helps you to feel better, and feeling your best makes you look better. But what about the times when a woman doesn't necessarily feel her best, but still wants to look like a million bucks? For women who are receiving cancer treatments, feeling their best isn't always easy. For example, women in treatment for mesothelioma and other cancers often feel sick and tired. These treatments can be overwhelming and exhausting: mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. It's understandable that many women in this situation opt for comfort over style. Instead of focusing on outward appearances, many tend to concern themselves with what's going on inside their bodies. However, it is important for women, especially those who have been diagnosed with cancer, to look and feel their best.

Experimenting with fashion is a great way for women to give their spirits and self-confidence a tremendous boost. It's important to have your own personal style, but it's also fun to try things you've never tried before. If you're used to wearing jeans or slacks every day, try a little black dress. If you're already accustomed to dresses and skirts, try wearing different, edgier accessories to update your look. Accessories such as shoes and jewelry can make a tired outfit feel brand new. Try dangling earrings, waist-cinching belts and even fancy or funky hosiery!

Most women love shoes, but many are If you're used to wearing flats, try a pair of heels just to see how it feels! And if stilettos are too much for you, consider trying a pair of wedges, or even dressier flats. Sexy, strappy sandals are a great option for warm weather, whereas tall boots are perfect for winter.

Feeling better through fashion doesn't have to stop with clothes, shoes and accessories; experimenting with makeup is also a great way to give your self-confidence a little shove in the right direction. For example, bright red lipstick can instantly make a woman feel beautiful and glamorous, despite her health or mood. The same can be said for false eyelashes, a new hairstyle or color, smokey eye shadow, and even a dazzling manicure.

Expressing themselves through fashion is a wonderful way for women with cancer to look and feel their best. And remember this one simple rule: You have to get dressed anyway, so you may as well have fun with it. After all, it takes just as much effort to put on sweatpants and a t-shirt as it takes to put on a little black dress and heels.


Article by: Jackie Clark ( ), check out another wonderful article of Jackie's ( )

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Maiken said...

hey, Erika! it's great to see you're back again :)
just finished reading the article and it's really good and true. every woman should definitely feel and look as good as possible.
hope to hear more from you soon! :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

ellie said...

Really a wonderful Sunday morning post.

Jessica L. said...

Glad to see you back! Happy Sunday! -Jessica

Marie said...

Thanks for this wonderful post, good read.:D

***** Marie *****

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